Dress ideas for rainy days and Plus size dresses

Our closet change as the weather does, we usually set aside our clothes for another weather for the appropriate outfit. These past few days, it's been raining and all my clothes in the closet are still for summer. I just knew by now, as I'm browsing Fashionmia's website i eyed a lot of dresses for the rainy days, There are many of cute dresses i love to have.

Here's my best pick:
What we need is half sleeve, If you're in the Philippines, the sun is out in the morning and then it pours at afternoon, we don't basically need those winter clothes cause the weather is kind of unpredictable. Love the color blocking of this dress especially the length. 

Off shoulder long sleeve, simple dress design yet loves the off shoulder style. If you like wearing minimal clothes, I know you would love it too.

A full white dress with black lining on it, I love to dress with plain color but classy design. Pairing this with high heels will make you stand out. 

Don't worry, Plus size clothing was available too.
It's not true that you can't find great clothing if you're plus size, hey there's a lot of choices in all sizes. Revealed dress or conservative one. As i browse fashionmia's website, i wanted most of their selection for plus size. 


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  3. Whoah!!! Nice dresses!!! I am a girl who really love dresses 👗 😍😍😍😍

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