The Face Shop Aloe Vera Gel Review (3 days result)

I'm very curious what Aloe Vera Gel can do, I read and watched a lot of beauty gurus using Aloe Vera Gel, but Kris Lumagui made me buy this :) She shared this on her skincare routine and read a lot of positive comments. So, I give it a try.
As Kris says, in 3 days, you will see the result! That's why my review is based on 3days result of Alor Vera Gel. There's a lot of Brands that sell Aloe Vera Gel but I got mine from the Face Shop, It is also available at Lazada for only Php188.

Before talking about the product, let me share my skin condition before using this. My skin is usually oily especially on T zoned area and gets more oily whenever I use skincare (i don't know why). I have some blemishes, uneven skin tone, small pimples on forehead that will come out when I'm sweating and under the sun, also pimple marks (but it fades away after a month)

After washing my face at night, I apply a thick layer all over my face and I let it dry (i dry it using electric fan hehe). At first, I feel some burning sensation on my upper lip area but it fades away afterward. My face feels sticky after applying and on the next day, it's very oily which is said to be normal and I wash it using water. I notice on my nose area there are some visible whiteheads (no need for a nose pack) I just wipe it using my clean fingers while washing my face. My face feels so smooth (like baby skin) and fresh.

My pimples do not lessen on my 3days use but the pimple marks get lighter and when it comes on my oily face, I don't see any difference/effects.


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  3. Hala omg!! Totoo po? Hala I want to try these!! I have an aloe vera gel but not the 99% only 92% 😂 😂

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  4. I purchased a 92% aloe vera gel and I used it for the first time.. I can say it's really soothing and it made my face softer after use 💕💕💕 'IG giveaway bring me here'

  5. Im using the other brand of the product. Maybe mas effective yan, i'll try to buy and experience it by myself 😁

  6. Yung sa nature republic maganda din :) ig giveaway bring me here


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