EB Advance White Purity - Lightening Milk Cleanser

We really need to clean our face after a long day. To remove dirt on our face especially if we commute on a daily basis because there's a lot of dirt we can acquire. I used EB Advance White Purity Lightening Milk Cleanser and I'm going to share my experience on this. 

I have uneven skin, so I choose this Lightening Milk Cleanser. As it stated, it is a mild facial wash which I can clean my face open eyes. I loved how it also claimed to remove makeup, on my experience, it does remove some makeup except my eye makeup and my waterproof mascara.

My face felt soft after using EB Advance White Purity - Lightening Milk Cleanser and to tell honestly, I don't use toner anymore because I feel my face were already clean after using this. 

They also have other variety of facial cleanser and toner, you can read denice's review.

I'm already close to finish my first bottle and definitely going to buy another one. 


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  2. Meron ako nito yung green :) and ang ganda nya.
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  3. This is very helpful because it is so hard for me to remove some makeup!! Thankss for this!!

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  4. I'm consistently using the the EB Advance White Purity toner and it clearly gives me a glowing and dewy skin. I'll definitely buy the cleanser as well. Thanks!

  5. Great post. I have bookmarked your page. Greetings JennyP


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