What Keeps me motivated

It's been more than 3 months since I told myself that I need to lose weight. I came to the point that my weight is not appropriate to my height and I can't even wear the clothes I wanted. As it goes on, I did many different diet and exercise methods to hit my goal. Until I discover what will work for me.

It's not easy, doesn't even happen overnight but it will be worth it (that's what I keep in my mind when I want to give up). Have a baseline and keep on track, a little progress is still a progress and it will make you more motivated. Changes will not notice on a short period of time, so dedication and patience is the key.
I became more motivated because of these:

1. Progress I weight and measure almost every day and seeing some progress push me more to continue what I'm doing.
2. Compliments or when someone noticed some changes in your body. It means that somebody sees the progress on what I do. (When this happens, I feel satisfied)
3. Confidence I lose weight and I gain confidence. I can wear fitted clothes without hearing from others that I look chubby. lol ..
But I'm not yet on my dream weight. Being fit and strong is my main goal now, glad to have workout clothes while achieving it. Never knew that wearing work out clothes makes me more motivated while working out. I love this women sport vest pants can hide my biggest insecurity, my tummy.

I need more workout clothes even though I only workout at home :p

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