My first Photobook from Photobook Philippines

The first time is read sheenalovessunsets post about her photo book, I was inspired to have mine too. There's a lot of photobook idea I wanna do. I thought it was simple, i tell you it's not but it all worth it! I'm going to share how I did mine.
At first, I want to do a Photo book that consists my college life but we traveled in Ilocos, so I skip the college even though I already have a cover of it. I search ideas on Pinterest; layouts, cover, color, design, etc.
Photobook Philippines have an application which you can edit and create designs which seems hard for me to manipulate, I switch to Photoshop, i love photoshop! I download backgrounds, frames, stickers.. 

There's a time when I'm too lazy to do it. It's been drafted for almost 3 months! Tweaking happens a lot of times. I feel lack of photos and some of my photos does not have a good quality. I print one page of photobook on bond paper so I could see how it will come out on photobook especially the text size. After finishing all on photoshop, I transfer it on Photobook application and ordered it right away. (i got a big discount from metrodeal!!)

After weeks, it came to my doorstep! I'm super excited and happy about the outcome even though on photobook application, the brightness looks okay (on my night shots) but it doesn't in a photobook. I want to create more photobook even it takes me almost a year (yes! because I'm too lazy) to finish. Not bad for a first timer ;p


  1. Wow gusto ko rin! How much did you pay for it? :)

    1. so fun to make! not more than 1500. hehe. visit metro deal for discount coupons :D


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