5 Tips for taking care of your Hair

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The hair can be one of the most stubborn and unruly parts of the body, right? Take a look at it a few hours after spending time to put it together and it may look as if it never received any attention before. It may just make you wonder what the whole point of the hair care is. Well, you can’t stop taking care of your hair. After all, we all love our hair. Here are some tips to help with your hair care;

1. When washing your hair
There is a wrong way to do just about anything, and hair washing is not excluded.

Oil your hair before washing it.
Rubbing your hair with coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil an hour before the wash helps pre-condition the hair
Use cool or lukewarm water
Hot water is harmful and damaging to your hair because it dehydrates the hair and makes it split. Using lukewarm or cool water to wash the hair closes the hair cuticles and retains the moisture in the hair
Dilute the shampoo 
You probably feel the more the shampoo, the better. No! Shampoo rids the hair of its natural oils, so diluting it in little water is beneficial to your hair.
Do not wash your hair every day
You increase the loss of the natural oils in your hair and make the hair break if you do.

2. When drying your hair
Now that you’re done washing, it’s time to dry the hair.
Use a micro-fiber towel to pre-dry your hair as soon as you are done washing the hair
Air-dry the hair. As much as possible, avoid blow-drying the hair because the heat from the blow-dryer can cause damage
If you decide to blow-dry the hairs, ensure you do so only when the hair is almost dry to reduce the heat damage and close up the hair cuticles
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3. When heat-styling your hair
When you heat-style your hair, ensure you use the proper tools that will provide a balance between the amount of heat, ease of use, efficiency, and quality. My tool of choice is a curling iron. You can limit the hair-styling to once or twice a week for optimum hair care. Also, make sure you apply a heat protectant to your hair before heat-styling it to function as the barrier between the heat and your hair. 

4. When going to bed
For most, if not all, of us, the hair gets lots of attention during the day, but at night is left to ruin. 
Tie it up loosely before hitting the hay
A soft hair bandanna or scarf is good for tying your hair. Ponytails and bums pull the hair at night and lead to breakage
Use a silk pillowcase
Cotton pillowcases can be abrasive to the hair and make it frizz when you are asleep. You can wrap a silk scarf around your hair too instead of the silk pillowcase.

5. Foods that help
For the most part, our hair care depends on the kind of food we eat. Eggs, citrus fruits, dry fruits and nuts, green leafy vegetables, carrot, avocado and whole grains are great for your hair. 

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