I tried Aztec Secret - Healing Clay Mask

I level up my skincare routine by adding Clay mask twice a week and ofcourse, I go for the hype Clay mask which is the Aztec Indian Clay. Feedbacks I read about it is really promising so I had to buy one. Clay mask is said to help reduce oil of our face and clean to improve our skin as well as pores.

I have trauma on using skincare routine (I tried a wrong product that gave me breakouts). I told my self that if ever I will try another product, I make sure to buy a sample size to test first. I bought mine on my cousin's online shop for only 230php and comes with instructions how to use it. I mix one tablespoon of healing clay with the same measurement of apple side, but it seems inadequate, I added a little apple cider and mix it well. The smell is not nice but tolerable.

I apply it all over my face using my flat makeup brush, spread it on my face except on brows.
This how it looks like after applying and minutes later, I feel my face is tightening. It's like someone's squishing my face lol.

Wait until its dry and looks like cracking, I wash my face with warm water. It will look like reddish (its normal) and I apply my moisturizer. It is recommended to use this mask 2-3x per week.

In the next day, I notice that my face become less oily!! and feels like a babyface.


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  2. Sis I don't recommend doing this mask 3x a week, masyadong harsh to pasa sa fes, my girlfriend told me na once a month to every 3 months or kung marami kang tigyawat. She's a skincare addict btw. Saan mo nabili to kasi wala na cya sa healthy options, marami online pero baka fake.


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