Mt. Ngungun

I am not a fan of hiking and I never tried it before when I was in the Philippines. This is my very first hiking experience, i was grabbed by my sister. At first, I was really hesitant because i do not want to wake up early (to watch the sunrise). The day before the hike, i came from afternoon duty and i arrived at home around 11, and fall asleep around 2am!! I wonder if i could make it.. But there is a part of me that i want to experience it. 

After a not so long drive. We arrived at Mt. Ngungun before sunset. It is said to be almost one hour hike, but just a few minutes of walking i wanted to give up. My companion said that just have some rest and walk again. So i did. I also saw little kids walking along that keeps me motivated to keep going.

In the mid of the mountain, i can already see the beautiful nature and that makes me wanted to climb faster to the top of the mountain.

We reach the top on time (before sunsets). I've seen sunsets before at the beach but not as close as this. I appreciate nature more...God created amazing Earth.. 

Being first-time hiker, I realized why I did not try this when I was in the Philippines. It was really fun. I am looking to discover and hike more mountains. 

This was taken May 2020

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