Spring in Australia 2020

Toowomba, QLD Australia, as it is known for Flower Festival every spring. We travelled approximately 2hours from North side of Brisbane. We went to Botanical Garden in Queens Park and Japanese Garden. 

The Garden City

Basically, huge spot with different kinds of flowers, there is also Ferris wheel to see in bird's eye view which is nice but it is not too high (I am not sure if you can see the whole garden on it). And you can also enjoy eating in their food carts.
We found this good spot with trees to take pictures while walking around the area.

Japanese Garden

It will bring you an experience of Spring in Japan. It amaze us that they have cherry blossoms trees. It is a closed garden where you will roam circular (if you know what i mean. Lol)
If you love flowers, I am sure that you will enjoy roaming around Towoomba. They have other gardens that we did not visit because we ran out of time. We feel overwhelmed on the flowers we saw and did not recognized the time.

This was taken last September 2020.

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